Why study in Canada ?

The Canada study permits the better part of hundreds of thousands of global students to visit Canada every year. The Canadian government welcomes students from all over the world to apply for a visa and enjoy high quality education in Canada.

The Canadian visa procedures are pretty straightforward and employment opportunities after education are great. Quality Canadian study is available at reasonable tuition fees. The average cost of education for a foreign undergraduate student for one schooling year (generally 8 months) is around C$ 12,000. The degrees, diplomas and certificates you acquire in Canada are considered equivalent to those earned in the US.

Low Crime Rate and Diverse Culture

Canada is one of the safest places to study with one of the world's lowest crime rates. Apart from being relatively peaceful, Canada has a better legal structure. Compared to the US, firearms are regulated more strictly and in most places they are banned. It is a vast country with several historical and beautiful cities and a multicultural and diverse population which makes it an attractive proposition for international students. Canada is home to many Native inhabitants. Along with them Canada has welcomed more than 15 million immigrants over the years. This practically ensures that each student will find people of his/her creed and culture when he/she comes to Canada. In addition, there is something on offer for everyone with several outdoor and indoor recreational activities.

Universities of Canada

The schools and colleges in Canada are both private and publically funded. However, the different provinces follow their own education system. There are many reputable universities available in Canada depending on the field. Students searching for a high quality engineering university would opt for McMaster or Queens, both highly regarded for their engineering courses. Ideal universities for upcoming computer professionals include the University of Toronto and University of Waterloo as they provide several quality computer science courses. York University is well known for management courses. Canada is also the home of the famous McGill University. McGill is located in Montreal and is easily one of the better universities in the world specializing in the medical field.

Internationally Recognized Education and Apprenticeship

These degrees offered by various Canadian universities and colleges are recognized internationally. The quality of education offered in the universities listed above and others is quite high and various disciplines for both diplomas and degrees are available in Canada. After completing their education, students have the opportunity to work in Canada for one year on a 12 month work permit.

When searching for a suitable university in Canada, there are many things to consider such as the cost of living, location and the course you are undertaking. Most of the universities are known for some program or the other and it is better to select one that is most suitable to your field. Before applying, be sure to visit the university website. University rankings are also available at MacLean's magazine which rates the universities annually based on various programs, faculty and other accounts.

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