Study in Canada

Canada welcomes more than 150,000 international students annually who come to Canada to study. This is because Canada is ranked as one of the best country to study and live in the world. Canadian employers and Canada’s immigration selection rules both give consideration to Canadian education.

Canadian educational systems consists mainly of elementary (i.e. Grade 1 to 6), secondary (grade 7 to 12) and post-secondary (apprenticeship, vocational and technical training, colleges and universities). The Canadian education system is open to International students at all levels.

There are two main steps involved in order for an International student to be eligible to study in Canada:

  1. Step One: obtain a formal offer of admission from the insitution of study.
  2. Step Two: apply for a study permit, which is required for most International students, except if you are a national of one of the exempted countries or the duration of your intended course of study is less than 6 months.

At CanRelocate, we provide professional assistance to prospective international students to make the 2-step process as seamless as possible. We have direct access to over 50 schools, colleges and universities in Canada to expidite admission processing. Our regulated immigration consultant also provide exceptional services regarding getting the application for study permit right at first attempt.