Services We Provide

We offer services that pertain directly/indirectly to the Canadian immigration matters. We group these services as follows with some description of each group:

  1. Studying in Canada (for International Students)

  • We assist prospective applicants wishing to study in Canada to obtain admission into reputable Canadian high school, post-secondary institutions (universities and colleges) along with preparation and submission of complete application dossier for study permit/student visa.
  • We help our prospective students to secure hostel accommodation or homestay in a good and lovable home
  • We help with flight booking after visa is granted - we usually get the best price
  • We arrange for Airport pick-up upon arrival for students that will be undertaking their study in the province of Manitoba
  • We liaise with appropriate international advisor in order to help students find their way around in the first week at school
  • We take students on a tour around the city in the first week of student arrival (available only for student coming to Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  • We provide custodian for minor students i.e. students that are underage and coming to the Manitoba province
  • We organize leadership training workshops during the summer for high school student between that age of 11 to 18 years of age
  • We offer placement for students that will want to come to Canada for an exchange program for a short period  into Canadian high schools, universities and colleges
  • We offer placement for student interested in coming to study for English program only in Canada
  • We offer a complete package for our students interested in retaining our service from placement into schools into becoming a permanent resident in Canada

  2.  Immigration Applications (Skilled worker Program and Business Immigration)

CanRelocate offer services on Canadian Immigrations ranging from skilled worker Immigration under the express entry option, skilled worker application under the provincial nominee option and business Immigration applications. We handle nominee application for the province of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, B.C, Nova Scotia and we have a very good partner that handles all our Quebec application process.

  3.  Settlement and Integration into Canada

Living in Canada can be an awesome experience, but with the diverse weather and living conditions that are typical of most cities in Canada, having the right guide and support to help integrate seamlessly into Canada can be invaluable. We have witnessed over and over how having the right support structure and information can make succeeding in Canada a guarantee.

CanRelocate provides effective settlement and integration service to International Students and new Immigrants.

  4.  Accommodation (Hostel, Off-Campus Residence and Home Stay Placement)

We help with arranging hostel (on-campus residence), off-campus residence and home stay placement for International Students and leased residence for new immigrants to Canada.

We can also help with arranging short term vacation apartment for tourists to Canada.

  5.  Citizenship Application and PR Renewals

With the new rules on the eligbility to retain Permanent Residency status in Canada or to become a Canadian citizen, packaging application for Permanent Residency renewal and/or Citizenship. CanRelocate provides professional guidance on how to package your PR renewal and citizenship applications to facilitate a successful outcome.

  6.  Organized Trade and Investment Missions

CanRelocate also organizes and facilitates different events for foreign nationals in Canada. We organize trade and investment exploratory tours for foreign nationals (private and public officials) with intentions of investing (e.g. real estate etc) or collaborating with Canadian organizations in choice business sectors of Canada.

  7.  Capacity Building Training

Canadian professionals are rated as one of the best in the world in their chosen field. More importantly, Canadians are typically generous with their knowledge and expertise. CanRelocate facilitates group capacity building through exchange of knowledge and expertise between Canadian professionals and their foreign national counterparts. In particular, we organize organized training for professionals in the following areas:

  • Health Care (Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacist, Public Health Officers, and other health care providers)
  • IT (Information Technology)
  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewable Energy
  • Emergency and Safety Management (Fire-fighting, Paramedics, etc.)
  • Trades and Craftsmanship
  • Leadership Training
  • Business Management and Entrepreneurship training
  • Other professionals on request