New Immigration Opening for IT Professionals in Canada

A Province in Canada has opened up a new immigration option for IT Professionals. This a targeted immigration stream aimed at attracting real IT Professionals to immigrate to Canada permanently.

The basic eligibility criteria are:

  1. Degree or certification in an IT discipline
  2. Score a minimum of 6 in all bands in IELTS
  3. Three years or more work experience one of the following IT profession:
    • Software engineers
    • Software developers
    • Sotware programmer
    • Web solution experts
    • Information security
    • System auditors
    • IT consultant
    • Management infromation system
    • Database analyst
    • Compuer game developer
    • Multimedia developer
    • Network administrator
    • Data centre operator
    • Computer network technician
    • System administrator
    • Database architect
    • Mobile developers
    • Database administrators
    • People that have experience in Java, C++, aJAX, html, Python, Ja script, Linux, SQL etc

Contact us to take quick advantage of this opportunity while it is still open.