Canada International Students still have high PR chances

ICCRC Approved

The dream of many of the over 200,000 International Students that come to Canada to study annually is to have the opportunity to legally reside permanently in Canada

Canada has a unique connection with immigration and diversity. Recent drive in the further emerging diversity of the Canadian populace is the growing number of International students seeking to advance their education in Canada with the hope of having the opportunity to legally reside permanently in Canada afterwards.

With the stringent requirements for eligibility to apply through Federal Government schemes and the Provincial options changing rapidly across the provinces, International Students are trying to grasp the options still open to them to become permanent residents. There has been recent changes in the eligibility requirements for International Students in Provincial Nominee programs in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Although these changes do not indicate a clear option for International Students, our findings and recent experiences with the new schemes show that International Students still have clear and higher chances than other applicants.

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