Immigration to Canada

To immigrate to Canada and become a Canadian Permanent Resident, you will need to apply for and be issued a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa.

Canada carefully screens and selects candidates for immigration based on workplace skills, training, experience, and willingness to integrate successfully. We can take the pain out of the process by working you through seamlessly, once we are assured of your eligibility.

CanRelocate Immigration Consulting helps skilled workers, professionals, entrepreneurs and families with the immigration process to Canada, to fill shortages and gaps in the labour market, or reconnect family members. We help you identify the right immigration option (Federal Skilled Worker, Provincial Nominee Programs, Quebec Selection Program, Canadian Work Experience Class, Family Sponsorship or Business/Investment Class) that best suits your circumstance and guide you in preparing a complete application kit for you

We work with our clients every step all the way. Besides assisting our clients to immigrate successfully, we assist with job referrals and settlement services to help new residents adjust to the Canadian way of life faster.